Building instead of Buying?

With the years of experience The Raptis team has to offer, you can trust that guiding you to the best builder in the area along with helping you with all of the difficult and overwhelming choices will be a smooth and enjoyable process, while building the home of your dreams!

Reasons to build with a Raptis Team REALTOR®

Understand Your Contract

  • You will be a party to a contract involving a massive amount of money when you sign on the dotted line for the construction of your new house. By so doing, you abdicate NONE of your basic legal rights; therefore, know them, and exercise them!
  • Start by reading the contract and understanding it. You are paying (or will pay over the next 25-30 years) for the knowledge of the builders -- their experience and ability. PLUS you are paying your builders a profit above their expenses. What do you expect in return? How do ensure that you get what you expect?
  • COMMUNICATE - WRITE IT DOWN - COMMUNICATE- WRITE IT DOWN - COMMUNICATE - WRITE IT DOWN. Anything you add to the house after the contract is signed, the builder will keep track of -- assiduously! Anything you delete or reduce, YOU keep track of -- assiduously!

Save on Building Costs

  • Keep costs in perspective
  • The average house contains approximately 1,500 to 2,000 square feet; do you need more? Why? How much more?
  • Take care that glitz and gadgets (suggested by friends, the builder, or magazines) do not overwhelm good basic construction-- don't trade them for lesser construction. 
  • You pay for each and every square foot of space in your house, be it occupied, usable, or otherwise. If the cost is $50, $85, or $110 per square foot, "extra", unused, vacant and unnecessary area is provided at the very same cost.

Before you hire a builder for your new house...

Be sure that you can answer each of these important questions.

  1. What is a good design for our needs?
  2. Who is responsible, overall, for my building project?
  3. What are good sizes and proportions for rooms? What style do I want?
  4. What am I really getting from the builder?
  5. What problems do I have in my current house that I don't want to repeat?
  6. Where can I find answers and help? How do I make my desires known?
  7. What is a dispute; a lien?
  8. What are specifications? Does the builder write and provide them?
  9. What if my builder does something in a way I don't like? Is the house going to be complete; will something be left out?
  10. When will the house be finished?
  11. Is that a good material, I've never heard of it?
  12. Who picks the color of the paint, wall coverings, etc.?
  13. Is landscaping included? Sod? Seed? mud and rocks? Slopes? Are landscape features guaranteed?
  14. What if I disagree with the builder? Can I stop the work?
  15. Am I allowed on the job site? Can I inspect the work as it goes up? Can I bring someone with me?
  16. Should I close on the mortgage and pay the builder in full? I have several items that I don't like - must I still close?